Become A Member

TLARGI’s focus is to provide technical training, resources, and networking opportunities that contribute to both personal development and companywide growth for its participating members in the local rubber industry.

If you’re considering becoming a part of this exclusive group, here are some benefits to joining TLARGI:

  • Monthly dinner meetings to network and be entertained/enlightened by guest speakers
  • Monthly technical meetings—and an annual technical conference—to keep abreast of technical advances and trends in the rubber industry
  • Golf tournaments at some of the finest courses in the area
  • Special outings at various southland resorts to relax, have fun, and mingle with industry peers and any special guests you invite
  • Electronic newsletters (at least 7 issues per year) to receive a summary of upcoming events and membership updates (Advertising spots are also available in the newsletter for a great, low rate.)
  • Yearbook and Directory to receive a complete roster of TLARGI leadership and membership, a summary of the past years’ events, a list of member suppliers and manufacturers (The yearbook is also another great advertising vehicle to promote your company.)
  • Industry placement services for novice talent looking to join the rubber industry and for experienced industry professionals looking for new employment opportunities
  • Leadership opportunities on various TLARGI committees and potential advancement to the Board (available to experienced members)

To start the process of becoming a member, please review the membership classifications on page 45 of the TLARGI Rules and Procedures. Then complete this New Membership Application.

If you have any membership questions, please Contact Us by email or contact the TLARGI Membership Committee Chairman directly.