Our Committees

Our committees are the driving force to providing educational programs, career services, technical resources, and networking opportunities for TLARGI members. They are comprised of current and retired rubber industry professionals. Each year, the committees host golf tournaments, technical meetings, a mini expo, annual Christmas party, and summer conference. Being a part of a committee allows you to use your creative and innovative skills, contributing to the success of this great organization. And, its fun!!

Advertising Committee

All members can place advertisements on the TLARGI website, and in any print materials or literature we produce. Advertising is a great way to get the word out about your company. Have a new product line or innovative process? Tell us about it through an advertisement. The committee who handles this will coordinate ad placement and make sure our members are seen and heard. Support TLARGI and help others in our industry by joining the advertising committee. To inquire about advertising, or joining the committee, email us today!

Holiday Party Committee

Do you enjoy planning events? Well this is the committee for you. Each year, TLARGI puts on one of the most anticipated events of the season. The committee creates a theme, decorates, and plans really fun activities for the evening. This is a formal affair, so everyone comes dressed to the nines, ready to party. Be a part of this very exciting event!

Current Events & Publicity

Help spread the word about TLARGI and share exciting news and updates. Many of our member companies consistently grow and evolve, and we want to share that with the world. In addition, we like to highlight individuals when they have accomplished something extraordinary. We love our member and support them. If you enjoy spreading good news and updates, this committee is for you!

Education Committee

Professional development is a huge part of growing and evolving in your workplace. There are very few opportunities to learn more about the rubber industry, and TLARGI offers some of the best classes and seminars around. We have a complete rubber course for people new to the industry, and more advanced technical seminars throughout the year. This is a great opportunity to be a part of advancing and helping others through education!

GLTPC Committee

GLTPC is the Grand Lodge of TLARGI Past Chairmen. This group is full of leaders who have extensive experience and wisdom, and have dedicated many years of time and effort to this great organization.

Golf Committee

The Golf Committee plans fantastic golf tournaments throughout the year for members. Find the best venues and create great opportunities for TLARGI members to spend the day outside golfing with friends and colleagues. Everyone loves a good golf tournament!

Librarian & Historian

Help keep track of amazing history of TLARGI. For almost a century, this organization has been making a huge contribution to the rubber industry. We can look back into our historical documents and get a great view of our progress and changes.

Membership Committee

Help welcome in new members and make sure they have everything they need to get started with the organization.

News and Website Committee

Chairman: Steve Melito
Tel: 413-749-7102

Placement Committee

Chairman: Gary Jeffries
Tel: 330-414-6810

Prize Committee

Chairman: Gloria Villareal
Tel: 562-905-3456

Reception Committee

Chairman: Ryan Baldwin
Tel: 562-905-3456

Scholarship Committee

Chairman: Renee Horvatich
Tel: 330-535-2100

Summer Conference Committee

Chairman: Gabriel Gonzalez
Tel: 562-373-6967

Technical Committee

Chairman: Dr. Ragin Amrutiya
Tel: 909-902-6152

Yearbook & Directory Committee

Chairmans: TBD
Contact: info@tlargi.org