2019 Committee Chairmen

Our committees are the driving force to providing educational programs, career services, technical resources, and networking opportunities for TLARGI members. They are comprised of current and retired rubber industry professionals. Each year, the committees host golf tournaments, technical meetings, a mini expo, annual Christmas party, and summer conference.


Advertising Committee

Chairman: Cindy LeClair
Tel: 562-905-3460

Christmas Party Committee

Chairman: Deena Campana
Tel: 562-762-6655

Current Events & Publicity

Chairman: Doug Limkeman
Tel: 714-670-1554

Education Committee

Chairman: Rick Ziebell
Tel: 562-373-6982

GLTPC Committee

Chairman: Howard Vipperman
Tel: 562-905-3456

Golf Committee

Chairmans: Albert Perez and Peter Joneleit
Tel: 562-905-3456

Librarian & Historian

Chairman: Mike Haney
Tel: 714-525-0277

Membership Committee

Chairman: Jackie Gandara
Tel: 562-373-6970

News and Website Committee

Chairman: Amy Congo
Tel: 562-373-6945

Placement Committee

Chairman: Gary Jeffries
Tel: 330-414-6810

Prize Committee

Chairman: Robert White
Tel: 562-777-1520

Reception Committee

Chairman: Lisa Zaradich
Tel: 562-653-3830

Scholarship Committee

Chairman: Renee Horvatich
Tel: 330-535-2100

Summer Conference Committee

Chairman: Graham Pence
Tel: 562-373-6906

Technical Committee

Chairman: Dr. Ragin Amrutiya
Tel: 909-902-6152

Yearbook & Directory Committee

Chairmans: Sarah Aguilar and Jessica Brieno
Tel: 562-944-5354